123baby was inspired by our parent brand, Cusina Natural Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid, the first natural dishwashing liquid that’s safe and affordable for the household.

Cusina Natural Dishwashing Liquid

Upon introducing Cusina 3 years ago, many parents asked our founders if we could make a cleanser specifically for baby bottles that solves 2 main problems:

Natural Products don’t perform as well as their synthetic counterparts.
Natural Products cost more.

Power of the Philippine Coconut

Challenged to solve these and after 2 years of extensive development, 123baby was born. 123baby is the first natural baby bottle washing gel concentrate that’s lab-certified to be 9x more effective than current baby dish cleansers, enabling high performance cleansing while maintaining affordability.

When it comes to natural, there’s no need to settle.

123baby from 123naturals by Cusina