What’s with the name “123baby”?

Since current baby bottle cleansers already have so many claims and descriptions about their product, we decided to spare parents the stress of going through all of these and just keep things as simple as 1-2-3 in describing our product.

1 – Natural Baby Safe
2 – Gel Form 9x More Effective
3 – Botanically Boosted Formula

What makes 123baby different from other baby bottle cleansers?

123baby is the first natural baby bottle washing gel powered by coconut cleansers and essential oils that is lab-certified to be 9x more effective in cleaning vs current baby bottle cleansers.

What is the difference between 123baby’s gel format vs regular liquid format?

We noticed that most currently available baby cleansers in the market are watery and feel diluted, requiring a lot of cleansing liquid to clean baby bottles and utensils. 123baby is specifically formulated as the first gel concentrate with active ingredients that’s highly effective against stubborn milk fats and other food residues on plastic (which are hard to get off).

We are the only cleanser that’s lab-certified by a third party, AUTRDC (Adamson University Technology Research and Development Center) to be 9x more effective in cleaning vs current baby bottle cleansers.

How do I use 123 Baby?

Dilute 1 – 2 pumps (1.5mL – 3 mL) of 123 Baby to 1 liter of water. Mix and agitate well to activate gel. Soak and clean using brush or sponge. Rinse well with water. May also directly pump gel to sponge/brush if needed. For washing fruits and vegetables; soak in diluted solution for 30 seconds and rinse well.

Do I need to sterilize my baby’s bottles after washing with 123baby?

With the botanically boosted formula and gel form of 123 Baby, sterilizing is not normally necessary. But if you are not confident about your tap water’s quality, sterilizing may still be recommended to rid of the germs and bacteria in the tap water.

Is 123 Baby edible?

123 Baby is only made from superior plant-based and edible ingredients that’s safe for babies so it causes no harmful effects even if accidentally ingested.

What are the ingredients of 123 Baby?

Unlike other baby dish cleansers in the market, we fully disclose our individual ingredients list so you can be confident in what you use for your baby. For our ingredient list, see: LINK

How long can a 750ml bottle of 123baby last?

Usage of baby bottle cleansers ultimately depend on how much cleaning you do. However, since 123baby is in a highly concentrated gel format and is lab-certified to be 9x more effective than current cleansers, our concentrated gel cleanser will definitely last a lot longer than a similar sized bottle of other brands’ liquid cleanser. Based on our experience, while other cleansers last a few weeks, ours can last months.

Can I use 123baby to wash regular (non-baby) dishes and utensils?

Yes of course. As it’s safe for your baby, 123baby is most definitely safe to use on other household items such as pots, pans, dishes.

Where can i buy 123baby?

Online: Website, Lazada Store, Zalora, BeautyMNL
Physical Store: Mothercare, Baby Company, Robinson, Landmark and leading stores nationwide